The Crew


Jen Bagley

Director, Producer, & Director of Photography

Jen has been making films since she got her first camcorder when she was ten years old. She graduated from Suffolk University with a degree in Media Production and has worked in Boston as an editor and cameraperson for the past eleven years. Before making her first film, she worked as an editor for the films Aside From That and The Strange Name Movie.


Mary Hewey

Director & Producer

Mary hails from the great state of Maine. She moved to Boston in 2010, when she started working as a community organizer. She has continued to stay involved in community advocacy efforts, particularly around LGBTQIA and immigrants’ rights, and is passionate about social justice. Jack & Yaya is her first film.


Jorgy Cruz

Post- Production Supervisor

Jorgy successfully ran a production company called Grupo 7 and currently co-runs Film•Keiks, a documentary-focused film company. He’s constantly in his head or writing trying to come up with ways to share his stories, and other people’s journeys via video production.

Matthew Connor by Anthony Grassetti.jpg

Matthew Connor


Matthew Connor is an American singer, composer, and music producer. As a solo recording artist he has released one album, 2014's Farewell Motel, and several EPs. Connor currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.